David L .


"I cannot thank you enough, dear seer, allowing me to succeed in my life through your knowledge of the occult. I don’t know if you remember me... this is David...! I came into your office in Fillieres there are more than two years. Now I am a sportsman and although I have the physical arrangements for sports, I am well aware that it is thanks to your powers of mediumship marabout that I succeeded. I had to pass an important test to become professional. You made a ritual ceremony. I passed by several clubs now and I must say, that since we met all goes very well for me professionally. You played a crucial role in my career. Thank you so much. Now I am married and have two children. I often talk to my friends about your skills !"


Martin Bertrand B.


"Thank you very much Mr. Dem's. You are a true clairvoyant medium and a powerful man of God. I know that thanks to your occult work, I managed to marry the one I love, despite the strong reluctance of her parents who were convinced that I am more interested in their wealth than their daughter. Now they accepted me into the family and everything is going well for me and my wife who is very happy too. We often think of you."


Rachid T


"I am happy to witness to everyone, that you are a real marabout and an extraordinary man. You allowed me to end my “life of unemployed” by making me getting the job I dreamed for years, and my only regret is not to have met you before... "


isabelle D .


"Thanking you again for giving me the click to take control of my life and continue to support me on the road. I was looking on the web someone who could guide me, in which I could trust because I had difficult time. When I dialed Mr Dem's phone number, and he answered me, I do not know what happened, but when we spoke, I knew I had contacted the person I was looking for. It remains a great moment for me. I just want to thank you for our trade, for the accuracy of your predictions and foremost to the occult ceremony which allowed me to get what I you wondered. THANK YOU. "