Mediumship is very important in my life because it was the first of the gifts that I discovered. I know how to master imperceptible energies of the universe; and as space, time, events are not isolated, it is possible to pick up signals and cross them with the information of our present.


Let's take an example. After a death, the consciousness of a deceased person flies into the universe; but it does not disappear, it travels into the cosmos as a "signal". By capturing, interpreting them and transcribing these signals, through me you'll be able to literally have a conversation with your missing relatives!


Although this practice can be carried out with anyone, it is obvious that the connection will be easier if you think your ancestors haunt you, if you know a family secret has been hidden... this is the testimony that your ancestors are tormented and they push you to see a great medium to finally rest in peace.


Anyway, even without signs, you probably need to question your past, or simply to have access to beyond. Do not wait, through me, access the spheres of spirits, it will automatically bring you answers.