Welcome to my site, it's an honor to have your visit. I hope it will be pleasant and you will find all the information you need on occult practices, all the answers to your problems...




My name is Dem's, great Professor in occult Arts and Sciences.

From a young age, while we still played as kids, my close friends nicknamed me "Koubé Diarra" which means "one who can fix everything." I did not understand at that time why they call me like that, I was the youngest of our group, still pure and naive. Looking back, I remember that I had anyway specific capacity (physical, intellectual qualities ...), but nothing so surprising to me.


Until the day I received a sign. I heard voices, I saw flashes and I immediately understood that it was not a dream but real people messages! At that precise moment I understood that I had a rare gift, that of mastering invisible and impalpable forces. I went back to my father and my grandfather for advices, and there, to my surprise, they already knew... they were just waiting for the moment it happens.


Indeed, this gift is inherited. They told me: "My son, the energies running through you are powerful, the road will be very long to master them all. They also are very dangerous... we will teach you how to use them to do the Good. «My ancestors are great sages, I listen to them carefully. They had obviously right and I decided to use that gift to help people. Since then, I discovered other gifts than medium, including clairvoyance, and I trained very hard to master the art of marabout, of spells, rituals, potions...





This beautiful story begins in Mali, Africa, where I come from, in Diakha especially. My mother comes from Timbuktu. The we joined Touba Gaoual in Guinea, where I grew up. After the announcement of my gift, we have traveled a lot for my training. We left Guinea for Senegal, Benin, Cape Verde and Haiti ... During this trip my father told me his memories. My father was the leader of marabouts across Mali. He made great sacrifices to teach me his knowledge. He told me that his grandfather (my great grandfather) Diakha Layé was the legendary founder of Diakha! My lineage is blessed.


My training with the great masters being completed, I decided to continue in Europe - meanwhile my late grandfather Djiguiba died. France, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany ... are beautiful country where I learned a lot, but I chose to settle in Luxembourg.




Naturally, I specialized in the sentimental area, because the majority of patients come to me to solve their love stories, but I am also qualified in the professional field, family... discover all of my skills in dedicated section.


During my life, I only got positive results throughout the country that I crossed. I cannot commit myself in a ritual without an in-depth consultation of the situation and the person in trouble always come out stronger [testimony].


A gift so rare and well controlled, it inevitably attracts attention. During my initiatory journeys I had already won several gold medals in clairvoyance. The last two awards won were in Luxembourg (2016) and France, in the seer convention in Lille (2015). You may have also seen me on TV (France 5) about clairvoyance.